What is The Rainbow Bridge Vision?

Here is the vision I have been dreaming about for the past several years:

  1. A rainbow-colored tribe of people from all walks of life in all corners of the world comes together in the spirit of creating more cooperation, harmony, understanding and happiness worldwide.

  2. A grassroots global phenomenon is created. A massive network of networks mobilizes to take part in dialogues that lead to greater understanding and appreciation of each other worldwide.

  3. The Rainbow Bridge receives international media exposure on AM, FM, shortwave and television, including an opportunity to people to call in and speak with The Rainbow Bridge staff and featured guests.

  4. The Rainbow Bridge shows the common ground in all religions and receives rapid distribution worldwide.

  5. The Rainbow Bridge is translated into many different languages.

  6. To help our brothers and sisters in need, a large number of corporate, organizational and individual sponsors purchase copies of The Rainbow Bridge for free distribution at orphanages, child care centers, foster care homes, homeless shelters, hospices, retirement homes, community mental health centers, juvenile detention centers, rehabilitation centers and prisons.

  7. A special group of global-thinking nonprofit organizations receives 10% of the profits from the sale of the book to further fuel their organizations.

  8. A large online presence is created to facilitate communication, dialogues and greater understanding of other peoples, cultures and ways of life worldwide.

  9. One of the most exciting feature films is developed, causing excitement and inspiration in peoples across the land.

  10. To the astonishment of many people, the world enters an unprecedented era of peace, harmony and abundance.


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