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German Translator

Eva Reinermann

Background Information:

My parents chose to give me the names Eva, Angelika and Maria. That was 52 years ago, in Austria. My father came from a multi-cultural background. Born an Austrian in Sarajevo in 1911, his father was killed in the war in 1914. The family left Sarajevo and he grew up in Trieste, which then also belonged to Austria. When the Empire crumbled in 1918, my grandmother took the boys and the rest of her belongings to the town of Graz where my father and his brother grew up. Those were tough political times with tough choices. What mattered to him was democracy, openness, freedom of speech and religion and peace. It was still a long process. When my parents were young people and met in Graz and then got engaged in 1938, my mother had just converted to the Catholic religion, in search of deeper truths and consolation. With Austria under the control of Hitler troups and influence, they got married in 1939, in 1940 my eldest brother and sister were born. In 1944, our father was sent to fight ´the enemy ´, stationed in a region near Trieste where he had spent his happier boyhood years. In 1945 he was wounded in his right knee and nearly killed. His physical health was never the same. Depending on crutches and diabetic, he died at age 53, when I was 14.

However, I learnt a lot from him and our mother. I found the motivation to learn languages, to respect different points of view, to avoid extremist conclusions and to love geometry. As my father was a mathematician and my mother a theologian and philosopher, we always had an open invitation to read and discuss. Later on, my mother also helped me find the self- assurance to travel and to work abroad. I was brought up with a religious tradition and an open-minded political tradition, with Austrian customs in a family that includes 7 or 8 nationalities ( Austrian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian, Greek, Mexican, US - Californian among them ).

In 1973, after College, I went to live and work in Mexico. I became a translator for the languages English, German and Spanish. I had intended to stay for one year. It turned out to be 23 years all together. My 2 sons live in Mexico with their father. They are 24 and 18 years, respectively. I am very grateful to them that they trusted me and their father with their incarnation in this lifetime.

When I met Günter, my present husband ( who is indeed a present, a great gift ) we arranged our lives to accomodate 2 sons and 2 daughters living on different continents. In 1996 we decided to move back to Europe. For 5 years we made our home in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2001 we have been living in Northern Germany, close to the sea.

We create bridges of friendship, bridges of light wherever we go. I dedicate my efforts to spiritually uplifting translations, mostly for www.lightworker.com and Brent´s book The Rainbow Bridge. Home is where the heart is and we create home wherever we are. We are world citizens and proud to be humans.

I am honoured to be part of this team and to add my love and commitment to building rainbow bridges wherever the Great Spirit of Life will take me.

Namasté, Eva Reinermann















































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